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Lorton Valley Star Newspaper
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Covering the greater Lorton, Virginia area from Fairfax /Franconia Parkway to Prince William Parkway.

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Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Lorton Valley Star Communications, LLC

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Community EVENTS calendar: Always check here EVENTS. A host of December EVENTS are posted now.

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pick-up a copy and support our advertisers. It’s good for our community. E-mail us at the nuzguy@ address has been turned off due to excessive SPAM. If you are a reader, you got the information.

Urgent, and Late Breaking News here.

Thank you for helping us defeat the Fairfax Couonty Meals tax referendum. It was an asinine idea. Next we need to replace the supervisors just so they know who's boss. They aren't representing us. Their priorities are wrong.

They've already increased Real Estate taxes anyway. If they wanted to pay the teacher's, they could have already. It's the most expensive school system anywhere with the fastest growing budget. And they don't know how to run a bus fleet in frigid weather. Get a grip.

Meals Tax is Power Grab

Editorial by Floyd Harrison, Publisher

The Fairfax County Meals Tax is a needless grab but represents something even darker. Beyond cost to citizens, it represents power of the haves over the have-nots, of establishment over minorities, of the 1% over the 99%. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

The liberal powers pretend to represent all kinds of minorities and economically disadvantaged populations. They appeal for minority votes. But, the dear economically depressed aren’t really benefitting. To pay for expensive minority support programs, taxes are raised making everyone including the kinda poor, who can least afford it, pay. Only the well to do can afford tax deductions. So, the vanishing middle class pays for the poorest. And who rules? Not the economically depressed minorities. The power then belongs to the affluent. So, the liberals work to make sure that minority communities vote. But, you see, the liberal solution is a falsehood. Vote NO on the Meals Tax referendum on November 8th.

The South Fairfax Chamber of Commerce has come out in favor of the meals tax. There is a theory of Democracy that says don’t let the ignorant poor vote which supposes that such will bring wiser choices in government. What it does is empower the affluent over the poor. That’s also what excessive taxes do. The Chamber board is made of successful business people and the board has apparently bought the promotion that Fairfax County needs this additional millions of dollars above the hike in Real Estate Taxes.

We do understand that depressed economic condition makes it difficult for government. But, depression affects us all and there is nothing that Fairfax County Government is going to do that will give us relief. We have to tighten our belts, they must also. Vote NO on the Meals Tax referendum on November 8th.

The bulk of the revenue from the Meals Tax, they say, is to go to schools. But, the schools don’t need to grow faster than revenue from Real Estate taxes. You have to build more houses to get more students. The increased burden on the schools is from too many non-English speaking students putting a drag on all students. That’s not our fault; I don’t want to pay for that. If you eat too much and get indigestion, the wise conservative solution is not to eat too much. The liberal solution is eat more TUMS. Fix it with taxes.

The Chamber says, we need good schools to attract good residents and businesses. Oppressive taxes are unattractive and counter productive. So, what is the reasonable balance? Tell me. What is the limit? Who is in power? The Fairfax County pitch doesn't have a leg to stand on. Vote NO on the Fairfax County Meals Tax referendum on November 8th.

They even say that the cost won't be passed on. I really can't imagine how that would ever be true. It sounds too fantastic. Everyone is going to try to pass increased costs on to someone else and thus goes inflation.

And before you get to the polling place, consider how the liberal ideas and big bankers have gotten us to the economic depression that we are in and how you’ve been lied to. And how liberal meddling has created a whole new war by the guy who said he’d get us out of the Middle East. We need to break the back of the liberal power conspiracy.

Hey, there, you poor repressed minority citizen, how are we better off? Liberalism is costing you in the long run. Vote like you have some economic sense. There’s no free ride. The Universe doesn’t work that way. The American dream is supposed to mean reward for hard work. Liberty is freedom with responsibility, not a free for all.

But, this meals tax, on top of sales tax, includes tea. Didn't we fight off the powers that wanted to tax the tea once already? Keep the tea and throw the Fairfax BOS overboard. Vote NO on the Fairfax County Meals Tax referendum on November 8th.


Aspiring Video Star Try-outs

Lorton Valley Star is looking for a local community video star or stars to perform as spokes model, actor, news anchor for our internet news, local color programs and short information videos. Lorton Valley Star will tryout aspiring, actors, journalists, or activist hams. Add to your video resumè. This will require settings from difficult locations to studio “news desk”. Applicants must have pleasant appearance, clear speaking, own transportation and be at least 18. We do family programing you can be proud to be associated with. Our iconic image is the ©2013 Lorton post lamp and the news program is Lorton Post-lite. E-mail:


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News and Feature Videos:
Video page with Lorton Post-lite weekly news updates and Lorton local color videos of events.

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Lorton Area Charities:
Lorton Charities Catalog includes volunteer opportunities.

Franconia Wanted Posters:


If guns are outlawed, only terrorists will have guns. The biggest army in the world is America's hunters. Only our banks and government can destroy us.


Byways: Lorton Valley Star Newspaper now includes a center color magazine section called Lorton Byways. Byways are the roads less traveled so this is more adventure than news. It gives us the capability of offering color advertising to Lorton Merchants. See Lorton Byways site. Contact Byways at <>,


Disclaimer and Invitation to Comment

Lorton Valley Star provides information which we feel is useful and enlightening to greater Occoquan, Woodbridge and Lorton residents. We try to filter available information for current accuracy, however, we cannot guarantee the information for all sources. The reader accepts that Lorton Valley Star is not liable for loss or inconvenience caused by faulty information, misprints or misunderstanding of our information. In particular, we are not qualified or licensed to provide medical or legal advice and the reader should not construe anything printed in Lorton Valley Star as such advice preferring to seek qualified counsel. We pass along such information from qualified sources, unedited. Check with individual venues for accuracy of events. Lorton Valley Star may from time to time espouse an editorial position in our columns on subjects which should be of concern to greater Lorton residents. If you disagree with anything we have published, we welcome your comment, in e-mail to: We’d love to hear from you. Please refer to the issue, page and headline you are responding to. Be civil. Anything you write may be printed as part of a public response.


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