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Lorton Valley Star Newspaper
monthly and on the web

Covering the greater Lorton, VA area from Fairfax /Franconia Parkway to Prince William Parkway including the traditional community of Occoquan, Woodbridge and Lorton.

Contact Information:

Floyd Harrison,
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Lorton Valley Star Communications, LLC

Please E-mail:
for press releases about Lorton or advertising inquiry

Send plain text only in body
Attach separate image files
Do not attach proprietary files
Print deadline is 20th

Mail to:
Lorton Valley Star
P.O. Box 1436
Lorton Valley, VA 22199

Urgent? Publisher Cell:

© 2005 Floyd Harrison T/A
Lorton Valley Star Comm.
All international rights reserved; No copying in whole or any element is permitted.

We try to host reputable businesses However, we cannot be not responsible for the content of our advertisers web sites. Sorry, it is just too much to continuously scan thousands of pages.

Our contact list is not available.

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Display Advertising Policy

People who read Lorton Valley Star newspaper are predominately rural and small-town residents who hold traditional family values. Any advertisement deemed to be
in bad taste or unsuitable for a family-oriented publication will not be accepted for publication.
Tobacco and spirits ads, Ads involving sex, violence & murder, profanity, and questionable-product ads are not accepted in Lorton Valley Star. Lorton Valley Star does not participate in the obscuration of meaning of Christian Holidays or the popularization of the Occult. When it is unclear whether an advertisement falls into any of the categories listed above, final acceptance or rejection of an advertisement will be determined by the publisher without reason or apology.

General Information

Policy regarding advertising that simulates editorial content: The publisher reserves the right to place ''paid advertisement'' with copy that, in the publisher's opinion, resembles editorial matter.
Positioning: Positioning is at the discretion of the publisher.
Advertisers' requests will be followed to the extent practical, within regular makeup limitations and policies. Proofs of stories are officially denied and ad proofs are generally not available.
Deadline for contracts and materials submitted is about the 20th of the month preceding desired publication. Call for a specific date.

A column inch is a column wide (roughly 2.2 inches) and one inch tall. The basic rate is for one inch one time. Discounts may be available for certain standard sizes and consecutive repeating displays. Minor updates are possible within a run.

Web buttons may link to advertisers sites which don't link off to other websites. Links must dead end to avoid contacts to unsavory material. Otherwise, at the publishers discretion, a basic page with contact info will be provided.


How to advertise in Lorton Valley Star

Lorton Valley Star is the FREE monthly hometown newspaper for the greater Lorton area. It basically covers from Franconia Parkway to the Prince William Parkway. It is the local choice for merchants with significant local trade and it supports web trade with buttons on our web site linking to your own web site. It is available mainly by newsstand pick-up.

Lorton Valley Star is a member of the South Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. We no longer follow Linked-In.

The deadline for advertising in Lorton Valley Star is the same as the news deadline, on or about the 20th of the month preceding publication. Ads in Lorton Valley Star are black and white. Color advertising is offered at appropriately higher rates in our Lorton Byways Magazine which comes in the paper.

Repetitive discount rates are offered to businesses which are headquartered in greater Lorton. Rates are determined by the size and number of consecutive issues purchased. We believe that for most merchants, a repeated consecutive display is more effective and so we encourage buying bulk with advantageous rates. However, being the community newspaper, we do offer single month displays and this ability is typically used for governmental and legal purposes. We will post on our web site, documents provided in .pdf for public inspection as required by legal notices.

The ABC‘s

1) We just need to know the size and number of initial issues and a billing address to provide you a contract for your inspection. Usually, you can receive this by E-mailed .pdf. Oh, and we need to know what you are providing as input for producing the ad.

2) We will produce an advertising display for you using your text, logo, and images or, if you prefer, use your own .pdf.

3) We need the signed contract and first months check by the deadline. After that, you will receive monthly billing. The contract will have an invoice number and a place to record your payment so print an extra for yourself.

That’s it! There is not usually a cost associated Ad origination. Commitments are from the 20th of the month and payments are due on the 20th.


Limited Time Promotional Rates

The current advertising rate is $19. per column inch. Promotional discounts are given for contracts for standard sizes and repeating ads in sequential issues.
Here is a list of promotions:

1/16 page $57. one time but: (2 1/2 high x column wide)
Three consecutive $46. per month. 138
Six consecutive $32 per month. 192
Twelve consecutive $24. per month. 288

1/8 page $114 one time but: (2 1/2 high two columns 4 7/8" wide)
Three consecutive $86. per month. 256
Six consecutive $ 64. per month. 384
Twelve consecutive $49. per month. 588

1/4 page $228 one time but: (5 7/16 tall x two column 4 7/8" wide)
Three consecutive $162. per month. 486
Six consecutive $118. per month. 708
Twelve consecutive $99 per month. 1188

1/2 page $456 one time. (5 7/16 tall x 10" page wide.)
Three consecutive $359. per month. 1177
Six consecutive $306. per month 1836
Twelve Consecutive $199 per month. 2388

Full Page $912 one time 912 (not available)
Three consecutive $720 per month. 2160
Six consecutive $504 per month. 3024
Twelve consecutive $408 per month. 4896

Circulation 6000 news stand, advertisers businesses, libraries and to churches and visitor information centers and NVCC Woodbridge. Subject to change. Position in the paper is not guaranteed.

Coverage: Greater Lorton from Franconia Parkway to Prince William Parkway. Mason Neck to South Run. We are the only publication which makes Lorton the center and competing economic centers such as Springfield the fringe.

Focus: Family interest and Community involvement for children through senior. We have an Occoquan section and an Arts and Entertainment section and the Animal Space.

Sponsors: Antiques, Apparel, Art. Coffee Houses, Decorating and Gifts, Family activities, Education, Exercise and Health, Home improvements, Parks & Government services, Personal services, Financial Services & Real-Estate, Restaurants, Senior living, Sewing, Sports. But nothing offensive or obscene. We favor community based businesses rather than National Corporations.

We need your logo artwork, first month's check, and signed contract by the twentieth of the month prior to the beginning of your advertising run. A representative will meet with you to initiate the agreement. After the first month contracts will be billed monthly.

Our official deadline is the 20th of the month. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to get any update or change information and contract payments to us by that date.

E-mail: Floyd Harrison

Send artwork and checks to:
P.O. Box 1436
Lorton, VA 22199

Publisher on the go: 571-274-7389


Special Case for Legal Announcements

Public notice is generally intended to be printed one time and would not qualify for our consecutive repeating ad discounts. However, IF: If the document for public view referred to in the notice is also sent as a .pdf for our posting on our web site so that our readers can avoid a trip to the public library, then consideration will be given for discount on the one time printing of the notice. In this way we improve our service to our readers. Offer is at discretion of the Publisher.

HeartBeats Music & Dance Center

Dansk Day Spa, Occoquan 703-492-1991

Pro Grounds Landscaping

Sew Easy Sewing School & Attic Treasures

Crosspointe Animal Hospital

Labella Bridal & Consignment boutique

Ellis & Dutson Orthodontics, Lorton, Virginia, Call 703-750-9393

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