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Byways: Literally the roads bypassing the main road or the paths less traveled. Virtually, any unusual means to an end.

We hope you enjoy Lorton Byways whether the story is about real roads to enjoyable places or about how people carve their own paths.

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Byways also serves as the color advertising supplement for Lorton Valley Star Newspaper.

Byways are the theme of the magazine and the character of the publisher of taking the creative route. The name Byways makes the point that we copy nothing else. Suggestions are welcome as long as the idea is not to be like someone else.

There is another philosophy underlying Lorton Valley Star publications, and it’s to be positive, be conservative, make a contribution, and bloom where you are planted. Dreams and goals are fine but make a positive contribution from where you are right now because life is about the journey not the end.

We have only disgust for copiers, cheats, parasites, pretenders and other thieves.

Advertiser buttons link to their own web sites. We don’t endorse advertisers but we also reserve the right to decline to host any advertisement without giving cause. Our intent is to be non-offensive to the most sensitive dear reader.

Lorton Valley Star is the greater Lorton community hometown newspaper serving Occoquan, Woodbridge and Lorton for over ten years. Lorton Virginia UsA is the community web site at with information and links to Lorton & Mason Neck, Lorton.

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